Battle Creek Public Schools                
    2017-2018 Class Schedule      
Mrs. Cathy Thompson, Guidance Counselor       Mr. Jay Bellar, Superintendent   Mr. Jeff Heimes, High School Principal
TIMES   8:00-8:20 8:23 - 9:13 9:16- 10:06 10:09 - 10:59 C 11:02- 11:55 C 11:58-12:51 12:54-1:44 1:47-2:37 2:40-3:30
            SH 11:02-11:25 SH 11:58-12:21      
    Homeroom       L 11:25-11:55 L 12:21-12:51      
PERIOD Room # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Anderson, Trevor 211 Homeroom Physics Chemistry Environmental Science Chemistry Science Skills (3) /Lunch Physical Science Physical Science  Planning
Carlson, Andrew Gym Homeroom Advanced PE Planning Advanced PE Study Hall/Lunch 9 Adv. PE/Health Advanced PE Advanced PE 9 PE/Health
Christensen, Teresa 118 Homeroom 8 History 8 History Psychology 8 To Great/Lunch Planning 11 History Civic 11 History
Couch, Mike 405 Homeroom Adv. Woods  Woods/Metals Woods/Metals 8 To Great/Lunch Planning Adv. Woods Building Const. Building Const.
Borchers, Jodi 212       Agricultural Science        
Easland, Kim Office Speech Therap Speech Therap Speech Therap Speech Therap Lunch Planning Speech Therap Speech Therap Speech Therap
Frauendorfer, LeAnn 117 Homeroom 8 English 8 English Planning 8 To Great/Lunch English I 7 English 7 English English I
Frey, Jenni 111 Homeroom Spanish I Spanish I 7/8 Spanish Spanish II Study Hall /Lunch Planning Spanish III & IV Spanish II
Geary, Lisa 214 Homeroom Apex  Apex 7/8 Keyboarding 8 To Great/Lunch Planning 7 History 7 History Jr. High Study Hall                              
Gray, Angela 113 Homeroom English III Planning English III Applied English English /Sci ACT Prep/Lunch English III 10 Reading Strategies Applied Comm/Adv. Wr                              
Hanzel, Dexter 217 Homeroom Algebra I Algebra I Pre-Algebra Math Skills (2) /Lunch 8th Grade Algebra I Planning Math 8 Jr. High Study Hall                              
Heller, Ryan 218 Homeroom Statistics Algebra II Planning College Trionometry  Math ACT Prep/Lunch Trionometry Statistics Algebra II                              
Johns, Laura 304 Homeroom Chorus Elementary music Elementary music Elementary/Lunch 7 Music 8 Music Planning Band                              
Kern, Leigha 115 Homeroom English II English II 7/8 Reading English IV English (1) /Lunch English Comp Planning English II
Lade, Connie 304 Elem. Band Elem. Band Lessons 9-12 Band 8 To Great/Lunch Elem. Lesson/St. John's Planning 9-12 Guitar/Lessons Jr. High Band
McConnell, Cari Library Library Library/Dist. Lab Library/Dist. Lab Library/Dist. Lab Reading Skills (1) Library  Library/Lunch Element. Library Element. Library Library
Miller, Janet 209 Level II Level II Level II Level II Level II Lunch/Level II Level II Level II Level II
Nelson, Stephanie 302 Homeroom Art I/Art II Art II/Art III 7-8 Art 10-12 PE Study Hall/Lunch Elem. Art Elem. Art Planning
Rotter-Hansen, Cyndi 208 Technology/  Assessment Technology/  Assessment Technology/  Assessment Technology/  Assessment Planning Lunch Technology/  Assessment Technology/  Assessment Technology/  Assessment
Schmidt, Jason 216 Homeroom 7th Math 7 Math Sr. Technical Math Geometry Math Skills (2) /Lunch Applied Geometry Geometry Planning
Schmidt, Kyle 112 Homeroom  Accounting I & II Econ/Per. Fin Planning 8 To Great/Lunch 7th PE/Health 8th PE/Health Econ/Per. Fin Digital Med/Web Des
Staub, Jessica 212 Resource Resource Resource Resource Resource Lunch/Resource Resource Resource Resource
Tejkl, Tucker 215 Homeroom 7 Science 7 Science Biology Science Skills (3) Lunch 8 Science Biology 8 Science Planning
Thompson, Cathy 109 Guidance Guidance Guidance Guidance 8 To Great/Lunch Guidance Guidance Guidance Jr. High Careers
Winter, Kristin 301 Homeroom Foods I Intro to Health/Education Life Skills Foods I Study Hall/Lunch Clothing/Human Devl. Planning Life & Career/Relationships
Wintz, Andrea Office School Nurse Monday @ BC Elementray Tuesday @ NC Elementary   Wednesday @ BC Elemenary AM/ H.S. PM   Thursday @ NC Elemenary AM/ H.S. PM  
Wintz, Cody 116 AD Activities Director World Hist/Global Is World Hist/Global Is Leadership 101 Planning/Lunch Geography Geography Activities Director
Para Educators 212 Jodi Borchers, Christine Brandl Julie Smith, Robbie Trudeau