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"Working Together For BC Pride"

8 Principles of PRIDE

PRIDE = Loyalty and dedication to a common cause or idea.

  1. I will TAKE advantage of the opportunities extra-curricular activities have to offer me today.
  2. I will GAIN many positive life skills by participating in extra-curricular activities.
  3. I will FULFILL the role that is asked of me by my organization or team.
  4. I will demonstrate CHARACTER by winning or losing with class.
  5. I will uphold mutual RESPECT for others and avoid saying and/or doing something that may hurt them.
  6. I will ENJOY the experience of being involved with my child's extra-curricular activities.
  7. I will show INTEGRITY by communicating openly and honestly through the proper channels.
  8. I will BUILD BC PRIDE for my Family, my School and my Community. 

    Activity Pass Prices

    Varsity Game Prices: $6.00 Adults $4.00 Students
    Sub Varsity Game Prices: $2.00 Adults and Students
    Students Season Passes: $10.00
    Adult Season Passes: $50.00
    Seniors (65 years) Season Passes: $35.00