Book Fair 2018

The Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled to be open from March 12th– March 16th to the public. Sixth grade students will help sell books. The fair will open before and after school, and over sixth graders lunch period from 11:50 to 12:50 on March 12-16. The fair will also be open the evening of the spring concert, March 15th from 6:00 until patrons go home after the concert. Students will not be expected to work during the evening of the concert, teachers will be there to help you.

The goal this year is to sell $3900.00. This sounds huge and I hope we can make it a reality! You can also shop on line at http://www.scholastic.com/bf/battlecreekelementaryschool5 .

Hope to see you next week at the Scholastic Book Fair.