Dual Credit

Dual Credit Classes at Battle Creek High School

Dual Credit Courses allow students to earn both high school and college credits at the same time during the school day.

Battle Creek High School partnerships with Northeast Community College in Norfolk for our dual credit classes.

Benefits of an "early start" to college:

  • Students save money-Northeast Community College's tuition rate is one of the lowest in the state. Students also do not have to pay for books for math classes.
  • Students earn grades and credits at NECC that can be used in a program at NECC or transferred to another college.
  • The dual credit classes have a high level of transferability to other two-and four-year colleges.
  • Students will have more flexibility and more options when they start college with some credits already earned.
  • Those who take dual credit classes have a greater likelihood of graduating from college. (U.S. Department of Education)
  • College classes in high school offer students a smaller setting and a more comfortable learning environment.

Northeast Community College has minimum standards for entry into Math and English classes. These standards make sure students are ready for college-level work. The standards are based on ACT or MAP test scores. They also recommend students are in the upper half of their class and have a GPA of 3.0 or better. These are rigorous college courses so students must be prepared to put in the extra time to study.

The ACE Scholarship can help low income students get their tuition and fees paid. Students must either be eligible to receive assistance under a variety of federal government programs or the student and his or her family must have experienced a recent hardship. See the website for more information and talk to your school counselor about the application.


Current Course offerings

  • College Algebra (1st semester) and Trigonometry (2nd Semester)- 3 credits each, Mr. Heller (ACT Math 21 or MAP 232)
  • Analytic Geometry/Calculus I- 5 credits, Mr. Heller (ACT Math 23, MAP 240+ or "C" or better in Trig.)
  • Introduction to Statistics- 3 credits, Mr. Heller (ACT Math 21 or MAP 232)
  • Technical Mathematics 1- 3 credits, Mr. Schmidt (ACT Math 16, MAP 212)
  • English Composition I- 1st Semester/Intro. to Literature- 2nd Semester Mrs. Kern, 3 credits each (ACT Reading 18, English 18 or MAP 228 Reading & Language)
  • Workplace Communications- 3 credits, Mrs. Gray (ACT 14 Reading & English, MAP 216 Reading & Language)
  • Introduction to Music- 3 credits, Mrs. Lade
  • American Government 1st semester, American History II 2nd semester- 3 credits each , Mr. Baumert

NECC also offers various online classes and Fridays @ NECC courses for dual credit that are available for high school seniors.

Wondering how your college classes will transfer? Check out the Transfer Nebraska Website or the NECC Transfer Guides.

 BCHS Dual-Credit Google Slides