The recommendation forms will assist your teachers and administrators in writing your recommendation. The more specific details you can give us, the more thorough your college recommendation will be. The Student Information Summary will also help you with the entire college application process, especially in preparing for interviews and writing admission essays. If you have a detailed resume you can include a copy with your request form and skip the information summary form.

  • Ask a person (who knows you well) to write the letter for you, two weeks prior to needing it.
  • Use the Student Information Summary Form as your master. Fill in the appropriate information and make copies for later use.
  • Give teachers both completed forms and keep a copy of the request for yourself to help you stay organized.

Click on the links below to access the forms:

Requesting a Letter of Recommendation form- complete this form for the adult writing your recommendation.  List activities or give the teacher a copy of your resume.  Link

Students can also go to educationquest.org and create an activities resume to give to the teachers and to also use for scholarship applications.