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Kristin Colvey

Kristin Colvey, about 2 hours ago

Children's Day Camp - Registration Due Friday at noon!
Don't miss your opportunity to get things done with your kids out of the house for the afternoon!

Registration Form:

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Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson, about 2 hours ago

Here' the link for the 2nd BC Booster Club order. Orders close on Tuesday, November 19th at 10 AM:

There are 3 pickup options to choose from when checking out: BC Elementary, BC High School & St. John Elementary.

Steph Nelson

Steph Nelson, about 14 hours ago

Congratulations to the Elementary Art Students of the Month and Art Classes of the Month

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Kari Seifert

Kari Seifert, about 16 hours ago

The elementary students brought home their One School, One Book novel, “Save Me A Seat.,” today. Trivia questions will be posted on both the school website and individual classroom emails beginning tomorrow night. Enjoy this wonderful
Family time! #familyreading #precioustime

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