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Andrew Carlson

Andrew Carlson, about 21 hours ago

Landon Olson placed fifth in the high jump (6’2) and Zach Zohner placed fourth in the pole vault. Zach cleared 14-04 which broke the school record that was held by dad Kevin.

Kyle Finke

Kyle Finke, 1 day ago

Yesterday was a good start for the Bravettes, @makenna_taake was the LJ πŸ₯‡, @renee_brummels was 4th. @renee_brummels & B Zohner are in finals of 100 hurdles. Another busy day as we start day 2 with more chances forπŸ…. Weather could be β˜”οΈ Currently in 5th as team.

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Dexter Hanzel

Dexter Hanzel, 2 days ago

Algebra 1 students were asked to create a game involving and incorporating topics from the second semester for their semester project. This group went above and beyond to create this game in only 90 minutes. Nice work ladies!!

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Cody Wintz

Cody Wintz, 2 days ago

MaKenna Taake: State Champion in the Long Jump!!