Happy Friday everyone!  

It can get difficult this time of year as we experience snippets of spring in between blasts of below freezing.  This rollercoaster of weather is well known by the inhabitants of this great state we call Nebraska.  While we have no choice but to ride this ridiculous rollercoaster, each day we are presented with a choice to be fully present on the ride or spend our precious time wishing and wanting for a nicer ride.  Each day presents us with a brand new opportunity to uplift, encourage and bring hope to someone else.  Many times we accomplish this through words and conversations, but don't underestimate the power or presence.  There will always be moments when words escape us.  When this happens, rest assured that a smile, a hug or even a kind gesture can make someone's day.  All it takes is being fully present in the moment and taking advantage of the opportunity.  Our presence, unlike the weather rollercoaster, is within our complete control.  

Happy Friday!!