Happy Friday everyone!  

How many people do you know who enjoy being wrong?  How many people do you suppose enjoy it when others point out this wrong?  I can not think of a single person for either situation.  I come to the same conclusion if I try to think of someone who has always been right or has always been told they are right.  We all know that it is human nature to make mistakes and be "wrong" at times.  We have also experienced times when someone else has pointed this out.  In situations where there is not a clear right or wrong answer, a debate or argument usually ensues.  As long as these remain respectful and productive, they are a healthy means to a resolution or compromise.  A common resolution in these situations is a mutual agreement to disagree.  However, when we find ourselves in the midst of our mistake and realize that we are indeed wrong, we must exonerate our excuses, banish any blame, and detour from denial.  One of the most powerful practices for self growth is allowing and accepting being "wrong".  Most times being "wrong" is not intentional.  We based our actions on the relevant information we had at the time, which in current time turned out to be "wrong".  Admitting a mistake, acknowledging a flaw, and owning our actions are how we learn the right way to be "wrong".  These are equally as important as being "right".  It will always feel good to be "right".  The more we own our "wrongs" and learn from them, the less frequent we will experience them.  Learning the right way to be "wrong" will always be a key part of learning.  As educators and parents, we should make sure our kids have opportunities to learn how to be "wrong" and how to use it as a learning tool.  Rest assured, "right" and "wrong" are infinite.

Happy Friday!!