Happy Friday & Happy New Year everyone!!

Way back in August, as we started the school year, our theme throughout the district was to be 1% better each day and by doing so, we would all elevate our commitment to excellence.  Some days we attained our 1% improvement, other days we may have fallen short.  Regardless, we continue to strive to be 1% better today than we were yesterday.  Our quest to be 1% better each day continues as we start a new semester and a new year.  A new year of no fear.  Fear has no place in our quest for continuous improvement.  Fear is not welcome.  We will not allow fear to paralyze our progress.  Instead of fear, we will trust.  Trust our teammates and classmates.  Trust our colleagues and families.  And above all, trust ourselves and our faith.  Choose trust over fear in the new year!

Happy Friday!