Happy Friday everyone!

"If you feed it, it will grow." This was something I took away from the keynote speaker, Sam Glenn, at Monday's professional development for our BC teachers.  Now, being an agricultural community, this makes perfect sense when referring to livestock or crops.  However, Sam was referring to attitude.  His message was simple, yet powerful enough that it warranted being shared in this Happy Friday message.  If you feed your negative thoughts, you will grow your negative attitude.   If you feed your positive thoughts, you will grow your positive attitude.  It is entirely up to you which one you choose to feed every day.  Take our recent bouts with mother nature.  If we feed our negative thoughts of not being able to travel, compete in our favorite activities, or see our friends face to face, our attitudes will grow in the negative.  If we feed our positive thoughts about spending time with our families, finishing a good book, or having time for home cooked meals, our attitudes will grow in the positive.  What we choose to feed is entirely within personal control.  I couldn't agree more with Sam Glenn when he says "Your attitude becomes what you feed it."

Happy Friday!!