Happy Friday everyone!  

Throughout my 25 years in education, almost every conversation I have had with people about what attributes/characteristics they want to see students develop in school are centered on what we commonly refer to as soft skills.  Also commonly referred to as employability skills, creative skills, collaborative skills, critical thinking skills, etc.  What it really boils down to in education is teaching and helping kids develop their personal skills through a variety of learning activities.  Personal skills are the essential life skills we all need to help maintain a healthy body and mind.  These skills include many of the terms listed previously and also include many listed on the World Health Organization's list such as resilience, self-control, and self-awareness.  I came across the following list of 21 skills that will pay you forever:

  1. Ability to sell and negotiate
  2. Ability to convey what you think and feel
  3. Ability to break a process down into smaller steps
  4. Ability to shut up, listen and learn from others
  5. Ability to adapt, improvise and overcome obstacles
  6. Ability to read, understand and memorize
  7. Ability to walk away
  8. Ability to manage time effectively
  9. Ability to stay positive and optimistic
  10. Ability to make decisions based on facts not based on emotions
  11. Ability to speak in front of a large audience
  12. Ability to keep trying even after failure
  13. Ability to invest money on your own
  14. Ability to to things irrespective of situation
  15. Ability to self-analysis
  16. Ability to learn how to learn
  17. Ability to understand what others feel
  18. Ability to remain consistent
  19. Ability to master your thoughts
  20. Ability to write words to persuade and influence others
  21. Ability to ask for help

It is easy to see these personal skills/abilities reflected in almost everything we do within our schools.   Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the excellent personal skills our kids develop and demonstrate during their time with us. 

Happy Friday!