pay it forward

Happy Friday everyone!  

Going to high school in Northeast Nebraska during the late 80's and early 90's Battle Creek's reputation in the area and throughout the state was one of toughness, proudfull, talented, and successful.  I realize there are many people within our school and our community that can remember the same reputation decades earlier than my high school years.  Maybe it is because I'm turning a half century this year that is causing this reflection on the past or maybe it is because that same Battle Creek reputation stands firm to this day.  The Battle Creek reputation stands firm because of talented and dedicated students who buy into and excel in our culture of excellence.  Outstanding teachers, coaches, & support staff who give their heart and soul to the purple and gold.  Parents who show up BIG with love and enthusiasm. A community filled with people of pride who are truly committed to excellence for their school system.  These pieces of the excellence puzzle have been in place since long ago and will remain in place for decades to come.  Those who came before us showed us how.  It is our job to keep it, improve it, and pay it forward to future generations!

Happy Friday!!