Happy Friday everyone!  

In today's society, we hear and see a lot about being kind.  Kindness indeed matters and is powerful.  But, please don't confuse kindness with easy or unaccountable or lackadaisical.  Kindness does not lower expectations.  It does not stifle competitiveness.  Nor does it lower accountability or ownership.  I've always believed in discipline with dignity as an educator, coach, or parent, which means unpleasant consequences can be delivered with kindness.  Kindness matters at home, at work, at school, and in life.  Kindness builds trust.  It creates leaders.  Kindness creates a positive culture in any environment - work, home, school, etc.  It is visible and invisible, meaning you can see it and feel it.  Kindness increases productivity in the workplace and strengthens the bonds of friendships and families.  Kindness is always the best choice.  

Happy Friday!!