graduation cap

Happy Friday everyone!

Today marks the official last day of school for all of our BCHS seniors.  It is also a great time to sit back and reflect on how well we have prepared this group of kids to turn the page to a new chapter in their lives.  You see, many of the lessons learned throughout high school have very little to do with academics and more to do with learning and developing good habits.  Habits like being involved, learning how to be a good teammate/classmate, being well prepared, meeting deadlines, following rules, policies, and procedures, overcoming adversity, respecting others, etc.  BCPS does an outstanding job in all of these areas only because of the support and involvement of our parents, grandparents, and community members.  It is a team effort all the way.  Seniors, you have consistently risen to the level of expectations and exceeded them a lot of the time.  As a soon to be graduates of BCHS, please know that your leadership was noticed and appreciated.  You have left a positive mark and added value to BCHS.  You have set the bar high.  Seniors, we salute you!  

Happy Friday!!