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Happy Friday everyone!!  

In what seems like a blink of an eye, the 23-24 school year is almost complete.  Graduation tomorrow and less than a full week for students and staff to follow.  After completing year 6 with Battle Creek Public Schools and my 25th total in education, the end of the school year is still exciting, fun, and entertaining.  I am proud of the seniors graduating.  I am excited for the students moving on to the next grade level and the future opportunities they will have.  I am thrilled for the people turning the page into retirement.  I am confident and optimistic about the new hires.  I am motivated by the ideas for improvement from our returning staff and how they plan to be even better in the future.  I wish future success to those who are leaving us to take on a new challenge in a new place.  This excitement has been in cycle for many years before and for many years to come.  It is our job to embrace the cycle of the school years and continue to make Battle Creek Public Schools the best it can be for everyone involved.  I wish every one of you the best summer ever and the Happiest Friday of 23-24!  Before we know it, 24-25 will have arrived.

Happy Friday!!