Which way?

Happy Friday Everyone!

There are two ways to handle adversity or not getting the desired results you want.  1 - You lay blame.  You find outside circumstances or other people to carry the cause of your adversity or undesired results.  2 - You reflect upon yourself.  You self-reflect and try to identify what you did or did not do that resulted in your current adverse situation or  produced the un-desired results.  Number two is a much better method to persevere through the adversity and a much better way to get more desirable results.  Number one will result in continuous adversity and continuous un-desirable results.  Everyone encounters adversity and undesirable results.  These two things do not discriminate AT ALL!  So, it is up to you to choose which way you handle them.  If you focus on yourself,  make personal adjustments, lead by example, and refuse to lay blame outside of yourself, you will be able to turn adversity into prosperity and the un-desirable into the envy of everyone.  The choice is entirely up to you.

Happy Friday!