Happy Friday Everyone!  

Too much of the time we get caught up in the glorification of things.  Getting first, winning a title, individual recognition, trophies, medals, media/social media recognition, awards, etc.  The list is endless.  This glory, although enjoyable, is really pretty temporary and much less significant than the processes and practices that made that moment of recognition possible.  If your only purpose is for recognition, then you must re-evaluate your purpose because you are missing out.  Recognition, both individual or group, results from hours even years of engaging in self development.  Self development can be influenced by a parent, teacher, and/or coach, however, the greatest influence comes from within yourself.  Productive self development takes toughness, grit, determination, experience of failure, and resiliency.  These characteristics create the opportunity for recognition and should be your driving purpose.  Whether individual or working as part of a team, it is your internal drive to improve yourself for the greater good of your school, your team, your profession, or your family that is most significant.  So, when it is your time to shine in the limelight of recognition, enjoy it to the fullest, but always remember that there is a greater purpose behind that brief moment.  No one is entitled to this recognition.  It comes from your willingness to be the best YOU you can and overcoming entitlement with an unwavering commitment to your self development.  

Happy Friday!