Happy Friday Everyone!

In my opinion, every week should be teacher appreciation week.  If we learned one thing from the COVID closure it's that teachers in classrooms are essential.  Who can handle a diverse group of people will different abilities, interests, and backgrounds? - Teachers can.  Who can teach kids in person and via zoom at the same time? - Teachers can.  Who can be a disciplinarian and cheerleader all wrapped into one? - Teachers can.  Who can juggle 5 different preps, being a coach/sponsor, and a loving parent? - Teachers can.  Who can instill a growth mindset, hope, and endless curiosity in others? - Teachers can.  Our teachers are inferior to none.  You are filled with pride, passion, and love for our students and teaching them.  Who can enjoy every day, but especially jeans Fridays? - Teachers can!!  Is there anything teachers can't do?  Yes, teachers can't stop caring for their students.  Teachers can't stop believing that learning is possible for everyone.  Teachers can't stop being teachers.  This is why teachers are essential to communities throughout the state, but especially essential in Battle Creek.  

Happy Teacher Appreciation Friday!