Where is your FOCUS

Happy Friday Everyone!  

Part of developing and maintaining a growth mindset is a mental exercise called focus.  Focus can be defined as the center of interest or activity or to pay particular attention to.  There are numerous times throughout our everyday lives that we may use this term.  A teacher may say "stay focused on the instructions".  A coach may say "stay focused on the goal".  At work you may say "I am really focused on this promotion or presentation".  A parent may say  "get off your phone and focus on the conversation".  Focus is indeed a key element of shaping our mindset.  Any major undertaking, an athletic competition, concert, presentation, or performance of any kind, requires focus.  We have the choice to focus on one of two sides.  We can focus on what could go wrong or we can focus on what could go right.  Focusing on what could go wrong increases the chances of it coming true.  The same goes for choosing to focus on what can go right.  This focus will increase the chances of it becoming reality.  Focusing on what could go right allows you to mentally overcome adversity or little mishaps.  A school year is full of little and big performances for everyone.  Focusing on what can go right is a great way to develop and maintain a growth mindset and help ensure that your focus becomes a reality.

Happy Friday!