American Flag

Happy Friday Everyone!  

A key element of maintaining a positive outlook and growth mindset is showing gratitude.  On the day before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, I can think of no others more deserving of our gratitude than our men and women of service.  Those who protect our freedom, keep us safe, and ensure we can live our lives on our own terms.   Veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice, service men and women who stand in harm's way, law enforcement men and women who protect and serve, firefighters who risk their own lives to save another's, first responders, EMT's, and health care workers who work relentlessly to save lives.  These protectors of freedom deserve an unyielding, high level of gratitude from every American.  There are young people in today's America that do not remember that tragic day 20 years ago.  However, it is our American responsibility to educate these young people about the events of 9/11 and give every effort to give them a glimpse of what it felt like and how we, the American people, responded with unity and support.  A unity that was blind to race, undivided by political party,  bound by the  the American spirit, and grounded in humanity.  A support that volunteered, gave blood, and flew or wore the Red White and Blue with pride.  We can show our gratitude to all of these men and women by finding this unity and support 20 years later.

Happy Friday!