Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


Thursday, September 23rd Girls Golf in Wayne 9:00am

Thursday, September 23rd JH Football at Hartington Cedar Catholic 4:30

Thursday, September 23rd Varsity Volleyball triangular in Battle Creek 5:00

Friday, September 24th Cross Country in Ord 4:00

Friday, September 24th Varsity Football in Wayne 7:00

Saturday, September 25th JH Volleyball in Battle Creek 9:00am

Saturday, September 25th Girls Golf at Laurel-Concord-Coleridge 9:00am

Saturday, September 25th Varsity Volleyball at Elkhorn Valley 9:00am


FCCLA Meeting on Wednesday at 7:30am.

9th grade 1st & 2nd period,  7th grade 3rd & 4th period,  11th grade 7th & 8th period

Jostens will be here on Wednesday at 10:00 to meet with the seniors about graduation orders.  They will meet in the library.

Any student needing community service : They need help at the church dinner Sunday, September 26 from 11-1 and 1 until done. Please come to the office if interested

Reminder: Freshman through Seniors must have 10 community service hours completed by the end of the school year. 

Lunch Helpers:: 

1st Lunch: Miles Clausen, Aspen Greve, and Abbie Erickson

2nd Lunch: McKenzi Eckert, and Clayton Christensen

Lunch: Breaded Pork Steak