MINUTES                             BOARD OF EDUCATION REPORT                  SEPTEMBER 27, 2021

A special meeting of the Board of Education was held on September 27th.  This meeting was advertised in the September 22nd edition of the Battle Creek Enterprise.   President Jeremy Pochop called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M.   Members present were Brent Bode, Tammy Bierman, and Sean Lindgren.  Paul Kuchar and Toby Thompson were absent.   Also, present were Superintendent Jake Luhr and Principal Jeff Heimes.  The open meeting law poster was discussed and posted and will be followed at every Board meeting.  To start the Board meeting, the Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

A presentation to the board was made to recommend a scope of facilities improvements and additions throughout the district.  The three areas of focus for improvements and additions were the elementary school, the addition of an Agricultural Education building to the high school, and improvements to the sports complex.  Board members read a statement from Tara Buell-Korth which explained the process the strategic planning/bond committee went through to determine the recommendation.  Bob Soukup of CWP Architects also presented on the scope of the facilities improvements and additions.  Jay Spearman of Piper Sandler also presented on the financial impact of the recommended facilities improvements and additions.  The estimated total cost of the recommended improvements and additions is $6,724,342.79. 

Tammy Bierman made a motion to approve the scope of the facilities improvements and additions as presented to the board.  Brent Bode seconded the motion.  On roll call vote, the motion carried with 4 ayes. 

With no further business, Board President Jeremy Pochop adjourned the meeting at 6:49 P.M.


Submitted by,

Jake Luhr, Secretary Board of Education