Happy Friday Everyone!  

"What was that?!!", "You need glasses!!!", "You missed that and it's right in front of you!!" or even worse, more vulgar comments directed toward referees are all too common among high school sports throughout the state and country.   Now, I am not throwing stones from my glass house.  I too am guilty of razzing referees at times.  I find it intriguing how quickly we forget that referees are people just like you and me, yet, once they don the black and white stripes, we expect them to be superhuman.  We expect them to see everything and make the right call every time.  This is not a realistic expectation.  In the spirit of #NSAARespectTheRef, we need to find a new appreciation for our men and women in black and white stripes.  Referees are providing a very valuable service.  They are providing a service that, in its absence, would prevent thousands of students throughout the state from competing in the activities they love.  For this and this alone we should appreciate their service.  Without referees we wouldn't be able to compete at all and that would be a terrible call!  

Happy Friday!