Happy Friday Everyone!  

Here are five Jon Gordon quotes to finish out another great week at BCPS.  

  1. "Your plan may not be working perfectly but there is a perfect plan working in you."
  2. "Great leaders don't succeed because they are great.  They succeed because they bring out the greatness in others."
  3. "Through adversity we have a choice.  We can run away from each other or we can run towards each other.  Remember, connection breeds commitment."
  4. "No one is perfect.  Your past mistakes and failures don't have to define your future.  They can refine you and help you become all that you were created to be.  There is a plan for you.  You have a purpose.  Don't give up.  Have faith and continue to get better."  
  5. "There is nothing more powerful than a humble person with a warrior spirit who is driven by a bigger purpose."

Happy Friday!