Tuesday, December 14th, 2021


Tuesday, December 14 Christmas Concert at the High School 7:00.

Wednesday, December 15 FFA District Leadership at Hartington.

Thursday, December 16 Girls JH Basketball in Battle Creek 5:00.

Thursday, December 16 B/G 9/10 Basketball in Norfolk 6:00.

Thursday, December 16 Varsity Wrestling at Elkhorn Valley 6:00.

Friday, December 17 Girls Varsity Wrestling in Wahoo 4:00.

Friday, December 17 B/G JV, V Basketball at North Bend Central 4:30.

Saturday, December 18 Varsity Wrestling at Logan View 9:00am.

Saturday, December 18 Girls Varsity Wrestling in Pierce 10:00am.

Saturday, December 18 JV Wrestling in Osmond 10:00am.

Saturday, December 18 B/G JV, V Basketball in Battle Creek 2:00. 


Battle Creek NECC Dual-Credit class registrations are due for 2nd semester.  These classes include Trigonometry, Intro to Literature, and American History II.

Payment is due by January 14. Check your email for a message.

FFA Fundraising items will be in on Thursday. Please make plans to pick up your items.

Students needing a schedule change for 2nd semester need to see Mrs. Thompson this week.

Students- winter is here! If you are in need of a new winter coat please talk to Mrs. Thompson or Mr. Heimes by Friday morning. We have an organization willing to buy new coats. 

There will be a Junior High Boys Basketball meeting after school Wednesday, December 15th

Reminder that the JH will have a short rehearsal during 1st period.  Please check in with your 1st period teacher and wait for the end of announcements.  Then all 7th graders please head to the music room.  At 8:15 please send all 8th graders to the music room and 7th graders can be expected back in their 1st period classrooms. 

Reminder: Freshman through Seniors must have 10 community service hours completed by the end of the school year.

Lunch Helpers:: 

1st Lunch: Raylin Kurpgeweit, Ethyn Murphy, Jaelynn Kesting

2nd Lunch: Lunch:  Danica Sheppard, Marshall Herman

Lunch: Burritos