purple christmas tree

Three Days

Three days till dismissal before Christmas break

Their way to classes the students they make

In the main office there is such a clatter

Admin went out to see what’s the matter

A walk through the hallways checking things out

Students are talking, they’re excited no doubt

Filled with excitement, so hard to contain

Working so hard to think and maintain

Thoughts of vacation with three days to go

An early dismissal is coming they know

On through the hallways they continue to see

Smiles on faces, the day count to three

The source of the clatter is not to be found

Laughter and loud chatter, the only sound

Around the corner and what do we find

Students and teachers, so jolly and kind

Not the exception, be certain the norm

Kindness runs rampant, in all kinds of form

An afternoon nap or sleeping in late

Be sure to enjoy the no time mandate

Stay in your jammies or dress to the nines

Whatever you want, no dress code guidelines

With three days to go, let’s be crystal clear

A Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year!

Happy Friday!!