New Year's Resolution

Happy Friday Everyone!

It has become a tradition that the theme of my first Happy Friday message of a new year has been focused on resolutions.  A common definition of the word resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something.  Every January 1st of every new year, millions of people set a new resolution.  Change is the desired outcome of this new resolution.  I read a statistic that most new year's resolutions are lost by January 19th.  And why is this?  Because change is hard. It requires commitment and consistent effort.  However, the biggest reason resolutions are lost is because we have a tendency to set big goals. We forget to celebrate the small successes. Sometimes we even allow one bad day to stop progress altogether.  One sure way to embrace your resolution to your desired change is to understand and accept that the path to achieving is going to be messy.  It is going to be filled with tiny steps of success, a few days of failure, and extensive days of effort.  When we put our growth mindset into gear, set our sights on our desired change, and celebrate our small successful steps, we will become the change we once desired.  By that time a new year will be upon us and it will be time to set a new resolution of change.

Happy Friday!!