lessons learned

Happy Friday Everyone!  

One of our goals as educators, parents, or grandparents is to identify what our children like.  Once we have this figured out, we provide guidance and opportunities for our children to turn this likeness into a passion.  We get our children involved in a variety of activities and courses that will help them pursue their passions.  During this pursuit, we must allow our children to experience and learn some life lessons.   

  • Life Lesson 1: To pursue anything takes effort and it is easier to put forth effort toward something you are passionate about.  A great work ethic is essential. 
  • Life Lesson   2:  There will always be something you don't like or don't want to do, but must do to continue in your pursuit.  The same stands true for others around you.  Some will agree or disagree with you and that is ok.  Never stop your pursuit just because there is a part that you don't like.  This teaches perseverance.  
  • Life Lesson   3:  Failure will happen during your pursuit, but failure provides the opportunity to try again.  This teaches resiliency.  Failure doesn't mean stop your pursuit. It means try another way.  
  • Life Lesson   4:  Doing anything to pursue your passion is a worthwhile endeavor.  Doing nothing will result in the same, nothing.  Not everyone deserves a medal.  You have to do something to deserve it.  

These life lessons when blended with the pursuit of passion create the perfect recipe for success.  As we develop our children's' likes into their passions and allow the life experiences to occur(with our support of course), we are providing our children  exceptional educational experiences.  The onus does not rest on the shoulders of the school alone nor the parents alone.  The onus rests on all of us so our children can create a better future.

Happy Friday!