Happy Friday everyone!  

Today marks the official final day of high school for our graduating seniors. Wednesday, however, was the last day that all of them would be in school and this group set a new standard for the traditional "senior prank".  There was no disruption to the school day, there was no destruction or defacing of property, there was nothing illegal.  This group decided to provide a unique opportunity for their underclassmen to enjoy some physical activity before school by providing a large inflatable obstacle course set up in front of the main entrance.  In all my years as an administrator, this was by far, the best version of a senior prank I have witnessed.  Good, clean, fun from a group of soon to be graduates.  Seniors, you have set the bar high. Not just because of your senior prank, but more so because of your leadership and character throughout the entire school year.  Parts of your four years at BCHS have been flooded, closed, and masked.  Yet, you have not allowed any of these things to keep you from reaching the goal of graduating.  With the support of your teachers, your parents, and your community, you are well prepared for life after high school.   We appreciate each one of you and the value to have brought to BCPS!  

Happy Friday!