Catching a little Oktoberfest action on the way to the game! Great job Lana! We are proud of you!
about 1 hour ago, LeAnn Frauendorfer
Lana and the dancers from Paulyns did a great job!
Refuse to lose! It's game day ladies and gentlemen. Kickoff @ 7 P.M. in Wayne
about 8 hours ago, Jonah Heng
The Battle Creek Cross Country teams are in a action today at the Ord Invitational. Starting time is at 4:00 pm. Good luck runners!
about 9 hours ago, Jonah Heng
Bravette Golfers take Runner-Up honors at Wayne Invitational … Joslyn 6th. Ali 13th, Molly 14th. It’s was a great day to be. Bravette Golfer!
about 21 hours ago, Barb Finke
Bravette volleyball will be streamed on our Youtube channel: Crofton at 5:00 p.m Wisner-Pilger at 7:00 p.m (appr.) Go Bravettes!
1 day ago, Cody Wintz
A tailgate meal will be available before the varsity football game in Wayne.
1 day ago, Andrea Wintz
Wayne Tailgate
Hit hard, strike fast, play smart. Good luck Bravettes! . . BC Volleyball team plays at 5:00 and 7:00
1 day ago, Jonah Heng
It's hard to beat a person who never gives up. Good luck Bravette Golfers! Swing hard and never give up.
1 day ago, Jonah Heng
EducationQuest Financial Aid Information meeting tonight for junior and senior parents. Meeting starts at 7:00 pm in the high school library.
2 days ago, Cathy Thompson
Apply2College Day for the Class of 2022! Taking the next step in their education journey.
2 days ago, Cathy Thompson
7th period seniors
5th period seniors
Bravettes win set three 25-11 and win the mAtch 2-1.
3 days ago, Jeff Heimes
Bravettes lead Crofton 15-9 in the third set
3 days ago, Jeff Heimes
Bravettes win set two over Crofton 25-20.
3 days ago, Jeff Heimes
Crofton take set one 25-22.
3 days ago, Jeff Heimes
Bravettes are ready to take on the Crofton Warriors.
3 days ago, Jeff Heimes
Scotus wins set two 25-23 and wins the match 2-0
3 days ago, Jeff Heimes
Columbus Scotus wins set one 26-24.
3 days ago, Jeff Heimes
Bravettes lead Columbus Scotus 22-19 in first set.
3 days ago, Jeff Heimes
Columbus Scotus will stream tonight’s VB games on their Striv channel. BC plays at 5:30 and 6:30.
3 days ago, Cody Wintz
ELVPHD will be offering flu shots during parent teacher conferences next week. They will be at the high school commons on Monday from 3:30-8:00pm and at the elementary on Wednesday from 3:00-6:30pm. If you are interested please bring your insurance card with you.
4 days ago, Andrea Wintz